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Wallet 3 (120 Hours)

Wallet 3 (120 Hours)

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Service Benefits:  This is a longer term more dedicated individual who is looking at the long term.

Service Components:

Each packages is composed of hours to be utilized within a certain time frame.  This wallet has 120 hours to be used within a 12 month period (52 weeks)

The hours within the wallet will be utilized at 30 minute blocks through the mentoring service which includes:  Calls, Emails, and Document Reviews, Guidance. 

Typical Mentoristik Program:

  •  An initial kick off (IKO) call for one hour (not charged from the overall time)
    • We will do an assessment of what your goals and objectives are from the service
  • We will develop a plan for the mentee within 3 days of the IKO
    • The plan will focus on individual development, key focus areas, critical areas of improvement, objectives and goals, with time frames.
  • Calls to be scheduled with Mentorism through invites or scheduling application
    • Calls will typically follow the development plan

This Wallet is also offered as Advisory Services