5% of all profits will be donated to the World Food Programme


There are several ways we mentor, we mentor by open communication and offer truly  unbiased opinions to help better develop individuals.  Our goal is to help you succeed.

The mentorship programs that are in place are geared towards individuals looking to make the right moves, and timing is key....

Nothing will be fixed immediately, but starting the growth plan on how you want to succeed is key. 

 The sessions will be tailored and focused on you and your environment.  Discussions surrounding positive disruption will focus on : growth plan development, career advancement, overlooking corporate limitations, positive thinking, causing outcome/result oriented.

A typical package will focus on various elements:

  • Understanding of your situation: Corporate structure/environment/training
  • Understanding goals/objectives
  • Developing a growth plan
  • Training enhancements/Plans
  • Goals/objective focused

Corporate/Organization information is not required, however organization type and industry will be required.